Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training

Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training


Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is marketed as the definitive guide to women fitness and empowerment. It’s a  training program created by Girls Gone Strong fitness icons Molly Galbraith and Alli McKee. It is focused on dealing with a woman’s unique fitness and exercise goals and issues. The two authors are co-founders of the Girls Gone Strong movement – a community run by women, for women which promotes female empowerment and “Girl Power”. You could say they are the “Spice Girls” of the female fitness world.  According to the website, The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is promoted as a product which helps a woman to get their strongest, fittest body by giving step-by-step guidance to exercise and also to give the kind of confidence that extends beyond their training.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Well, we have come across plenty of products that sound absolutely incredible – but that is not always the case, so let’s scratch beneath the surface…

Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Review

As the two authors of Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training, Molly and Alli have an impressive list of achievements and credentials behind them. Alli has many years of experience in fitness training and coaching women, and has competed in several professional fitness competitions. She has also modeled and written articles for online magazines such as Oxygen and Women’s Health. Molly founded and runs a premiere gym facility for women and is a regular competitor in fitness competitions.

OK, these are real people with a very respectable background in fitness and coaching who obviously have a vast knowledge of the subject matter – box ticked.

Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training – Inside the Cover

Upon purchase through the 100% secure Clickbank payment system via either PayPal or credit card, you instantly get Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training downloaded to your PC or device so there is no 28 day waiting period for it to be delivered.
There are currently 3 versions of the program which have the following included in the purchase:

Silver Package: ($99)

  • MWGST Manual
  • MWGST Exercise Glossary
  • MWGST Video Library
  • MWGST Programs
  • MWGST Progress Tracker
  • MWGST Getting Started Guide
  • Guide to Conditioning (BONUS)
  • Guide to Nutrition – Super Shakes (BONUS)
  • Guide to Core Training – Body Weight Edition (BONUS)

Gold Package: ($119)

  • Everything included the silver package plus the MWGT Good Nutrition Manual

Platinum Package (US ONLY – $179)

  • Physical Copy DVD of High-Def Video Library
  • Printed MWGST Manual
  • Printed MWGST Exercise Glossary
  • Printed MWGST Programs
  • Printed MWGST Progress Tracker
  • Printed MWGST Getting Started Guide
    Digital Only:
  • MWGT Good Nutrition Manual
  • Guide to Conditioning (BONUS)
  • Guide to Nutrition – Super Shakes (BONUS)
  • Guide to Core Training – Body Weight Edition (BONUS)

At first glance then, you do get a lot of product for your money, more than any other digital product we have reviewed. The option of having the program as a physical version is also a welcome addition (if you live in the U.S.). It does come at a price though. The  basic package is more than double the price of the Visual Impact for Women system, which we currently rank as the #1 exercise and fitness program, so it needs to be very good indeed!

Upon downloading Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training, the first thing we noticed is how polished and aesthetically pleasing the material is. The colours, illustrations and layout of the manuals are all very pretty to look at – they have certainly spent a very long time and a lot of effort to get the “feel” of the system right. The pink and black colour scheme is perfect in our opinion.

The program itself starts with a “Getting Started” section (what else would it start with?) which teaches you how to follow the entire program. It walks you through which manuals need to be read first and which videos you need to watch. The “Strength Training Manual” teaches basic training and fitness concepts such as warm up, progression and recovery. It also includes a glossary. We point the glossary part out because no other program we have reviewed has one and it is definitely useful.

It then progresses on to the creation of your own, personalized weekly workout schedule with use of the training and conditioning manuals. This is totally flexible dependent on your own personal schedule and needs. The schedule you end up with is unique to your own goals and you will have outlined how many times you workout each week, along with which exercises you will be doing on each day. What this means is, whatever your fitness level, whatever your goals are, the program will  support them.

The whole process is supported by accompanying videos, with both Molly and Alli demonstrating each exercise and workout. This approach is very, very good indeed. There is absolutely zero chance of you getting “lost” anywhere or not understanding what you should be doing and when.

The nutrition manual (which accompanies the gold package) is concise and very in-depth. In our opinion if you purchase the system, go for the gold package because exercise alone will only get you so far. It is annoying though that they are charging $20 extra for something that is essential as part of the system.

Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Benefits

  • Beautifully laid out Presentation
    The colours, the structure and the overall “feel” of Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is absolutely first-class. The videos are excellent and all show the authors or one of their students practising each exercise.
  • Promotes Female Empowerment
    A recent poll asked the following question to a hundred women: “If you could go back to your younger self and give them advice, what would it be?” The top answer given was “Be more confident”. That is exactly what this system promotes, and we applaud it for the message.
  • Testimonials
    Usually we hate testimonials. For instance, The Venus Factor is full of them but whereas their ebook is full of other customers’ thoughts, Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is full of testimonials from fitness professionals and trusted media sources such as Women’s Health and Shape. In this case, they are a very welcome addition.
  • Written by Accomplished Authors aho “Walk the Walk”.
    Molly is slender, fit and sexy. She has a very “feminine” appeal to her. However, and you won’t believe this but it is true, she can deadlift 341lbs! Amazing, absolutely amazing!
  • Fun
    These girls have put the fun back into fitness. They promote community, heart and passion among female fitness enthusiasts. A far cry from men who all seem to want to outdo each other in the “who’s got the biggest biceps” competition.
  • Works for any Fitness Level
    Whether a beginner, intermediate or expert this system is totally malleable and is suitable for each and every woman, regardless of their age or fitness.
  • You do not need a Gym Membership
    Works in a simple at-home environment which is perfect for stay at home mums or women with a busy schedule

Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Weaknesses

  • The Price
    At $99 for the basic package and $119 for the (recommended) gold package, it is more than double the cost of other, top-class fitness systems.
  • Requires Extra Investment
    If working out at home, you would need to purchase extra equipment such as a kettleball, dumbells and resistance bands.

Our Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Overall Thoughts

We’re going to come straight out and pull no punches here with a statement: Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is, in our opinion, by a clear margin THE BEST fitness, workout and nutritional guide on the market today. You will be amazed at how excited and pumped-up you will get just reading the books and watching the videos. You will be itching to get to the gym or start lifting some weights in your home environment. No other system we have reviewed has nearly as many benefits, it is a clear favourite. The confidence you will gain from using this system is worth the purchase price alone…

…which brings us to the subject of the price.

The cost of Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is hard for us to fathom. Yes, it is better than Visual Impact for Women, but is it more than twice as good? No, no it is not, not by a long way. Visual Impact for Women has almost everything that this system has (apart from the videos), and you will get very similar results in the same amount of time. Also, paying an extra $20 for the nutritional manual, which you will need, is a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. At $119 for what is nothing more than a few .pdf documents and some videos, it is priced a little too steeply.

Don’t get us wrong, It is worth the money and we think anybody who buys Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training will absolutely love it. If it had been priced at $67 or maybe even $77 it would get 10/10 stars from us. But it’s $119, so it only gets…9/10.

Click HERE to go to the Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training official site.

Overall rating for the Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training System: 9/10