Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Although we have reviewed plenty of packaged weight loss systems in the past with varying results, no system that is built as a one-for-all solution will be as easy to follow as a personalized weight loss plan, especially if you are a beginner to fitness and dieting.

A personalized weight loss plan takes into account many factors including your age, weight, gender and level of activity and is fed into a database. You will then get a detailed plan outlining your daily and weekly calorie intake, which food groups you should be consuming, plus a schedule for how many times you should exercise to hit your weight loss goals.

We have done some research and there are a huge amount of places on the Internet which will do this in exchange for your email.

As always, we have researched as many as we could and have found the best and most comprehensive is My Easy Diet Plan.

Basically, you just enter your details and in a few days a weight loss plan is customized for you dependent on your lifestyle, age, gender etc and any special needs you may have. A personalized weight loss plan can be much easier to follow than our commercially recommended systems, as all the thinking is done for you and you just have to follow the plan to the letter.

However, we still recommend that you learn all you can about your food intake (especially calorific intake) and lifestyle choices, as once you become knowledgeable in these areas you become your own deititian and personal trainer. Once you are your own personal trainer, losing weight and getting in shape becomes childs play.

Click the following link to go to the My Easy Diet Plan homepage and see if a personalized weight loss plan is right for you.