Top Rated Programs 2017

Top Rated Programs 2017


#1 – Visual Impact for Women

Author Rusty Moore built on the huge worldwide success of the Visual Impact Muscle Building system and delivered exactly what the female readers of his website desired; a system specifically for women that taught them how to build a body just like the Hollywood stars that adorn the front pages of  magazines.

The Visual Impact for Women system is, in our opinion, exactly what it proclaims to be; A diet and workout plan that will give you a slim, sexy and feminine physique!

Most workout programs for women these days, especially those that are advised by your local gym instructor, are just scaled-down versions of a male workout plan. While these may help you lose weight and get fit, they have the unfortunate side-effect of adding muscle, in many cases WAY too much muscle!

Visual Impact is a huge change to that approach. It includes a combination of HIIT routines, strategic cardio and some weight exercises which, instead of adding bulk, give what women actually want – Lean muscle!

The program also includes instructions on how to do the exercises at home (perfect for busy mums who do not have time for the gym), promotes a healthy, balanced diet and has a great section called “dieting for an event”. The dieting for an event section is extremely well-laid out, and has produced some astonishing results from women all over the globe who wanted to look their best for a beach holiday or once in a lifetime event such as their wedding. It is very similar to the workout routines that Hollywood stars have when they are slimming down for a movie role.

In our opinion, it is the best diet and exercise program available today. It also costs around the same as just an hour of one-to-one training with a gym instructor, and teaches you to be your own personal trainer.

You can visit the Visual Impact sales page HERE, or read our full and in-depth review of the system HERE

#2 – The Venus Factor

Currently the undisputed king (or queen) of weight loss programs on the internet, there is a great deal of buzz surrounding The Venus Factor at the moment.

Taking on a very scientific approach, women all around the world are being amazed by the results they are achieving using the system. Written by the author of the “Adonis Golden Ratio” system it comes with a great track record, and a ridiculously named app called the “Virtual Nutritionist”, which despite the name is very good indeed!

The system focuses on each individual woman’s body type, or “Venus Factor”, and uses leptin levels as the core of it’s weight loss program.

The only downside we could really see with the Venus Factor, was the eBooks are full of little snippets written by women who have had success using the program, telling us how brilliant it is. We just couldn’t see the point of this, we bought the system already, we’ll tell you whether it works or not!

You can visit the Venus Factor website HERE, or read our full and in-depth review of the system HERE.

#3 – Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength TrainingDesigned specifically with female empowerment and confidence-building in mind, Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is one of the most complete nutrition and fitness systems on the market.

It is a guide which is full of videos and tutorials for women of any fitness level, with a strong emphasis on community, togetherness and “Girl Power!”

If only it was a little less expensive, this product would have got 10/10 stars.

Written by “Girls Gone Strong” fitness icons Molly Galbraith and Alli McKee, it focusses on dealing with a woman’s unique fitness and exercise goals and issues. The two authors are co-founders of the Girls Gone Strong movement – a community run by women, for women.

We especially liked the layout of the whole program which is very easy on the eye, and also the option to have a physical book delivered instead of eBooks.

You can visit the Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training website HERE, or read our full and in-depth review of the system HERE.

#4 – The Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Factor has been available for a couple of years now and is still a best seller. It is written by Charles S. Livingston, a doctor who one day decided to come up with a weight loss programme and used his wife Lori as a guinea pig!

It obviously turned out to be a good idea though, as she ended up losing 90LBs following his advice – that’s a REAL before and after shot of her on the left.

The program has a great emphasis on diet and comes with hundreds of recipes. The system is one of the best when it comes to value for money, as it includes 10 (yes, 10!) quality eBooks.

There is one big problem with the system we could see though, it starts with a full-on cleansing detox. Although this can be seen as a benefit, one of the reasons detoxes are not as common as they should be is they are tough, really tough. Therfore The Fat Loss Factor will not be for everyone, as you could fail the detox first step before you even really start the main program.

You can visit the Fat Loss Factor website HERE or read our full and in-depth review HERE.

#5 – Old school, New Body

The safely part is far more important the quickly here, but the quickly part certainly doesn’t hurt!

The core of Old School, New Body is called the F4X workout system, which stands for Focus-4 Exercises. These are 4 core exercises that have been identified as being the most effective which are squats, incline presses, bent over rows and upright rows.

The best part about the system in our view, is the short time required each week doing any exercises – the program is designed to be 30 minutes long and should be done as little as 3 times a week – perfect for the more “experienced” and older lady or gent.

You can visit the Old School New Body Website by clicking THIS LINK

And our worst rated program is… The 3 Week Diet

(We would put a Star Rating here, but the System didn’t even get 1 out of 10!)

If you have spent any time on Social Media in the last 12 months, no doubt you will have seen some body mention in a comments section how “brilliant” the 3 week diet is. There is just one problem with this – these comments are made by internet marketers who have probably never even read the system, let alone followed it!

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted by this pile of drivel! It is full of bad advice, contradictions and “facts” that are plucked out of thin air!

The “diet” is simply a way of starving yourself thin and it heavily suggests the use of supplements and pills which quite frankly, are useless. It promotes a way of eating which in our opinion could cause eating disorders such as Bulimia and Anorexia.

Also, despite extensive research, we could not even verify the author was a real person, let alone an expert in their field!

Read our full and in-depth review HERE to see just how bad it is! (ps, play the video at the bottom of that review, it’s honestly laughable!)