Venus Factor Review

Venus Factor Review


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Every now and then, a product comes along in the health and fitness niche on the internet that makes the world take notice. In 2009 Mike Geary’s “The truth about Abs” product sold millions and to this day is still selling thousands of units each month with many happy customers. This year, 2014’s hot product is “The Venus Factor“. One look at the above video from real women who have endorsed the Venus Factor will give you an idea on just how popular it has become.

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The Venus Factor is written by well-respected and hugely popular John Barban. He has worked on brands and products such as MuscleTech, Slimquick and Empowered Nutrition Products.  He is also the creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio workout system. His previous experience with products were aimed at the male market though and much like Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact System, this is his first foray into the female market.

The author’s track record then is very good – it is obviously written by someone who should know what he is talking about. So, just how good is it? Our Venus Factor Review below will let you know the facts.

Venus Factor Review – Before the Download

Before we downloaded the system through the Clickbank secure payment system, we were struck by the amazing claims that the system promises to achieve. So, before we start our Venus Factor review they need to be addressed. You can lose 3 dress sizes in 7 days? Really? In all of our experience any massive claims like this are usually a marketing ploy but we skimmed over that. Then we were confronted by banners like the one on the right and grew more concerned.

The banner that gives a “tip to lose belly fat” is slightly misleading. Losing fat in a specific area of your body is scientifically impossible. This is called “spot-reduction” and is a myth. It dates back to those Ab-machines years ago that promised to burn belly fat when all they actually did was build muscles underneath your layer of belly fat which actually made your stomach looked bigger!

The truth is this; the only way to burn fat is to create a calorie deficit. Any claims that eating a food will kill belly fat or that you can target areas of fat to reduce are quite frankly, false. Unless of course you fancy a visit to the hospital and get some fat sucked out by a surgeon, spot reduction is impossible.

However, when we downloaded the course for our Venus Factor Review, it does go into great detail to explain that spot reduction is impossible, and how eating a balanced diet and exercise will make you lose fat all over your body. So, the program saved itself, we are not a big fan of how they did it though.

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Venus Factor Review – Inside the Front Cover

The Venus Factor programme is split into 5 separate units, they are as follows:

  • Venus Factor – 12 Week Fat Loss System (180 Pages)
  • Venus Factor – 12 Week Workout System (Including exclusive videos)
  • The Virtual Nutritionist (Mobile / Device Application)
  • The Venus Index Podcast(Interviews with oter members and their success stories)
  • Access to The Venus Community (Access to the exclusive Venus Factor community blogs and forums)

venus factor review-1022Upon downloading the system we are confronted with a programme which is 12 weeks long. That both pleases and annoys at the same time. The banners mentioning “7 days” like the one on the left are obviously there just to sucker you in which is annoying. However, 12 weeks seems more reasonable for a diet and fitness programme and you do seem to get a lot for your money at first glance (its $47).

The first part of the main E-Book focuses on calories and nutrition, with the second part focussing on exercise and body shaping. There is a wealth of information inside and the programme takes on a very technical approach to achieving your ideal body. This we like as sculpting your body into the form you want it to be is in fact, a science. The diet itself is extremely detailed and you tailor it to what you want to achieve using the details inside the book in conjunction with the Virtual Nutritionist – which is basically a posh title for the “app”. The app itself though, despite the ridiculous title, is extremely useful and helps you keep on target to your goal.

There is also a meal planner inside which is very detailed and can be tailored to your individual tastes. A kind of “mix-and-match” system which is very useful. It would by no way get boring should you follow it – there are 80 recipes within the system. The Workout System is extremely detailed with lots of instructional videos to talk you through the do’s and don’ts of exercising. The podcast however is pretty much useless. I guess for some people hearing others’ success stories may be motivational, but to us it just seemed like “filler” to help you feel better about the product itself.

The community part of the package can be very useful though, with forums and blogs full of other customers who are there to help and support you through any tough times or with advice.

Venus Factor Review – Benefits

      • The Wealth of Information
        There is a lot of information with the system, especially if you are a novice to dieting and fitness. The authors have obviously spent a great deal of time to make sure the reader has all the information they could possibly need in their quest for a perfect body.
      • The App
        The app, apart from its ridiculous name, (Virtual Nutritionist? Give me a break!), is really cool and will help the reader customise their diet and fitness plan to suit what they require.
      • The Meal Plans
        80 meal plans in total complete with calorie and nutritional information are included within the book. There really is something for everyone within the recipes and comes with a list of ingredients – perfect for adapting each meal to your individual taste.
      • The Community
        This is a great place to talk and chat with people all over the world who are in the same situation as you. A great addition to give the customer the extra help and motivation they require.
      • The Special Offer / Guarantees
        If you are unsure on the purchase, you can get a special $9.95 7 day trial offer and pay the balance after a week. Or, if you aren’t happy get your money back. There is also a 60 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

Venus Factor Review – Weaknesses

  • The Science is not backed up
    We are not 100% sure on the science involved – some of the claims made within the system seem very strange. However, we are not scientists and as long as it works, who cares if it is a little “out-there”?
  • Too many Testimonials
    It’s annoying that every 2 or 3 pages you get testimonials from people who have had great success with the system. Yes, we bought the system, why do they have to keep reminding us every few pages of how good other people think it is?

Venus Factor Review indexVenus Factor Review – Conclusion

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Venus Factor at the moment, so will our Venus Factor review conclude that it’s worth the hype surrounding it?

The answer is yes, it is definitely worth the hype and you will not be dissapointed with it. We do  suspect from the amount of testimonials in the book and the additional podcasts, that much of the hype comes from the product itself. However, they are testimonials from real people who have had massive success using the program. Therefore, the Venus Factor is definitely value for money. The meal plans alone are worth more than the $47 and the instructional videos are excellent.

Most importantly, there are the hundreds of thousands of REAL women who have had huge success with the Venus Factor System. We have investigated the claims made by the women at the top of our review and have concluded they are all in fact, 100% true stories from real women. At the end of the day, it’s the results that matter with fitness and diet systems like these – and Venus Factor has produced thousands of stunning results.

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Overall rating for the Venus Factor System: 10/10