Visual Impact for Women Review

Visual Impact for Women Review


One look at the current Maxim top-100 hottest female celebrities can send an average woman into a fit of jealousy. Well, at least it does with me! Pictures of beautiful women such as Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Cameron Diaz and Kate Beckinsale who all posses bodies to die for can make even the most confident of women feel inferior. It is as if these women have just been blessed with a genetic code that makes them lucky and have bodies most women can never achieve.

The truth is though, all of these women have one thing in common – they all work damn hard to get that svelte, feminine and sexy “Hollywood” figure. Whilst it is true they have been blessed with very good looks, achieving a smoking hot bod takes effort. The trouble is though, most fitness programmes available for women are just scaled-down versions of routines for men. They are just not designed for the sleek and sexy look that most women crave – most women do not want big muscles and broad shoulders which is what many systems give them.

The Visual impact for Women system aims to change that. It promises to show you how to get the fit, feminine and sexy look that the Hollywood A-listers posses and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. However, just because something is popular that doesn’t mean it’s good. Adam Sandler has sold millions of movies and, for the most part, they are all truly dreadful. So is the Visual impact for women system worth your time and money? Will it give you the body you have always longed for? Below we’ll review Visual Impact for Women and give you a fair idea as to whether it is worth your time and hard-earned money.

Visual Impact for Women Review

Visual Impact for Women is written by Rusty Moore – founder and editor of one of the most popular fitness sites on the internet;
After years of going to the gym he realized that the body he had developed was that of an oversized typical “gym-guy”, with big bulky legs and a chest way too large. He wanted something different, a more athletic and toned look. So, he developed the Visual Impact Muscle Building system which went on to be a huge hit with men all over the world. There was a major flaw in it though – it was for men only. Since 50% of his website audience were women, he set about writing a system specifically for the female body. Two years later, the Visual Impact for Women system was born.

At first glance then, it seems that the system is written by someone who knows what he is talking about and is very knowledgeable on the subject matter, so let’s take a look at the product itself.

Inside the cover – Visual Impact for Women

Upon purchase through the 100% secure Clickbank payment system via either PayPal or credit card, you instantly get Visual Impact for Women downloaded to your PC or device so there is no 28 day waiting period for it to be delivered.
The system is split into 4 sections:

  • Visual Impact for Women main E-Book (89 Pages)
  • Fat Torching Cardio (A 12 week Intensive Course)
  • Exercise Demonstration Manual (229 Pages)
  • Printable Workout Charts
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

The main E-Book is well laid out and to the point. Rusty does not waffle on about non-essential details, nor is it split up with hundreds of “success stories” like other products seem to be (are you listening Venus Factor!). While other products on the market focus on motivation and a more technical approach, the Visual Impact for Women system is more scientific, explaining exactly why you should be doing the sort of exercises he suggests and how your body will react to them. It focuses on resistance based routines and a healthy, balanced diet instead. He explains how when lifting weights, if you lift a couple of reps short of fatigue it adds muscle tone and definition without “bulking-up”.

He also explains, in great detail, exactly how the body uses its carbs, fats and proteins for fuel. The system is designed to target the fat cells as quickly as possible, releasing fatty acids into the bloodstream and then targets those fatty acids with cardio and burns them for fuel. It is an astounding piece of writing and really simplifies how your body actually uses fat and when.

However, Rusty has not simply written an A-Z guide which tells you what to exercise and what food to eat on a set day, he actively encourages you to shape and tweak the system to achieve the goals you want. We really like this approach, after all, each woman is an individual and needs an individual plan to suit them. It teaches you to be your own personal trainer and to take control over your body and mindset. Most of the program is very straight-forward and can be done on machines you will find at any gym. If you don’t go to the gym though that is no problem – there are details of how you can adapt each exercise so you can do them at home – perfect for a busy mother in today’s fast paced environment.

The Fat Torching Cardio part of the system is a 12-week course designed to get you into shape for an event like a wedding or beach holiday.  A girlfriend tried this course and the results she had were astounding. There is also a “Dieting for an event” course which takes the course to a whole new level. However, it’s tough. If you have a low level of fitness and try this part of the course straight away you are doomed to fail and give up before halfway. That is not to say it doesn’t work, boy it is amazing the results you will get! However, you’re going to need to be relatively fit and healthy before you try it.

We like the exercise demonstration manual a lot. Within its 229 pages you will find plenty of pictures and explanations of what you will need to be doing and when, along with many “don’t s” that a lot of people fall into the trap of.

The printable workout charts are a handy addition. They allow you to plan, keep track and to change and alter the course depending on your schedule and results. This along with the lifetime of free updates to the system are a welcome sight, you will always have the latest version of the product as and when any additions or changes are made.

Benefits of Visual Impact for Women

  • Easy to Understand
    There are no technical aspects of the course that will confuse even a novice to health and fitness. The scientific approach is well explained and you will feel the effects on your body after the first session. The course is well laid out and very simple to follow.
  • Bonuses
    The extra bonuses such as the lifetime of updates, printable workout charts and especially the workout demonstration manual add great value to the product as a whole.
  • Teaches you to be your own Personal Trainer
    This is not a simple ABC course. It will teach you to be your own boss and to add workouts on areas you may need and reduce routines on areas you are already happy with.
  • Cost
    At just $47, Visual Impact for Women is less than the cost of an hour with a personal trainer at your gym.
  • Guarantee
    There is a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee making this a no-risk investment.
  • Great Product for Women
    Designed specifically for the female body Visual Impact for Women is a breath of fresh air. Gone are the days where workouts for women are just scaled down versions of a male workout.

Weaknesses of Visual Impact for Women

  • Not for Everyone
    If you expect to get that perfect body like the Hollywood stars without putting any effort in then this system will not be for you. You’re going to have to follow the programme and think about your workouts putting in a huge amount of effort to see the results the system promises.
  • The “Dieting for an Event” course is quite tough.
    The results are amazing though should you finish the 12-week course. It is designed to get you in tip-top shape for that beach holiday or big wedding you have planned. It is quite tough though and you will need to be relatively fit before you try it.
  • Information on diet is sparse
    Whilst there are guidelines on what type of foods you need to eat and what to avoid, we feel this part of the course could have done with more information in it – maybe even some recipes could have been added or a set weekly meal planner would have been useful.

Overall Thoughts on Visual Impact for Women

There is a lot of hype surrounding Visual Impact for Women after the Visual Impact Muscle Building System was so successful. so does it live up to the hype?

The answer is yes, in a resounding way. Should you follow the course you will see amazing results and if you are sadistic enough to complete the 12 week “dieting for an event” course, you will be looking possibly better than you have ever imagined. However, you are going to have to put serious effort in to see those results. Since these Hollywood movie stars and singers have to put the effort in to look the way they do, I guess it is only fair that we should too. Although, it would be so nice to have a system you could buy without having to put in the effort!
I guess we all just want to take a pill which will magically transform our bodies into the figure of our dreams without having to put anything but the minimum of effort in. Since that pill is not yet available, the Visual Impact for Women system is, in our opinion, the next best thing.

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Overall rating for the Visual Impact for Women System: 10/10